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Improving Digestion Through Massage Therapy

9.27.2017 | Fred Hernandez

Improving Digestion Through Massage Therapy

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Digestion issues are known to get worse when you’re under a lot of stress. Whatever you can do to reduce your stress levels, it can help to dramatically improve your digestion. Massage therapy works by relieving muscle aches and pain.

If you suffer from digestion issues, massage therapy can help. Digestion problems are known to get worse if you are under a lot of stress. Whatever you can do to reduce your stress can help to dramatically improve your health. Most importantly, massage therapy can relieve any aches and pains you may be experiencing in your abdominal area.

Massage Therapy Reduces Bloating

There are many things you can do to improve your digestion, including massage therapy. Massage therapists apply their expertise to the abdominal area by pressing on it with their hands to feel the small intestine and colon. Massaging over the affected area can help your massage therapist assess any congestion that is causing blockage and pain.

Massage therapy can help stimulate healthy passage of food and even relieve gas and bloating. The pressure of bloating can be extremely uncomfortable and leave you feeling like you have no other recourse than accept your fate. This happens because of two reasons: air being swallowed and intestinal bacteria digesting food. Some foods can cause cramping, gas, and bloating more than others, as well. Abdominal massage works by strengthening abdominal muscles.

Massage Therapy Boosts Your Metabolism

Massage therapy has the power to boost your metabolism, increase your nutrient and antioxidant intake through release of enzymes, and increase your overall quality of life. Problems with digestion can leave your body unable to reap all the available nutrients and water from the food you eat and the water you drink. After you eat, involuntary muscles (peristalsis) along your intestines ensure the food and water goes through your digestive system. This biological function can be affected by stress, digestive disorders, mineral deficiencies, medications, and more.

Massage Therapy Improves Digestion Disorders

Patients who suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) can experience worsened symptoms with increased anxiety and stress. The pain associated with IBS can be reason enough to feel constantly down. While massage therapy does not reduce flare ups while they are active, because it can aggravate symptoms, you can make a massage therapy appointment after symptoms have subsided.

Massage therapy can also help anything from acid reflux to Crohn’s disease and IBS. Massage therapists will safely and effectively use deep strokes to redirect back acid and food toward the stomach to promote proper breakdown of nutrients and waste. While your gastrointestinal issues may require medication, massage therapy can provide enormous physical and mental relief. Modalities (or types of massages) like Swedish massage and lymphatic drainage can limit frequency of flare ups of digestive disorders and promote deep relaxation.

While not a cure all, booking a massage appointment can get you started on the right path to finding out the cause of your digestion problems. Book your massage therapy appointment today to experience relief like you’ve never felt before.

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