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Chiropractic care can help reduce your chance of injury and speed up recovery

3.06.2018 | Fred Hernandez

Chiropractic care can help reduce your chance of injury and speed up recovery

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Athletes of all skill levels can suffer from varying degrees of sports injuries during practice or gameplay. The constant stress from punishing training and games can lead to overuse injuries, pains, aches, and stiffness, which can worsen if not treated properly. Athletes don’t have to give up playing their favorite sport or sacrifice performance due to injuries. Visiting a local chiropractor can help relieve pain, improve range of motion, and give athletes a competitive edge with regular spine adjustments and other specialized techniques.

Injury Prevention

Misalignment in the spine and pelvis can create asymmetry in a person’s body. This asymmetry in the spine means certain muscles have to compensate for the unequal distribution of pressure throughout the body. Pinched nerves and out-of-place vertebrae can lead to tension and a decreased range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustments can restore the body’s natural spinal alignment and even perform soft tissue massage to reduce pain and tension. Spinal manipulations can remove tension, spasms, and cramps that lead to strains and missed practices and games. A properly aligned body can improve an athlete’s form during training, reduce the chance of injury, and enhance performance.

Pain Management

Athletes can suffer a wide range of sports injuries including muscle, tendon, and ligament strains, tears, aches, and, pains. These injuries often lead to soft tissue damage that can take weeks or months to heal. Soft tissue damage can be more painful than bone injury. As the body heals itself, it creates scar tissue over the muscle tear. The scar tissue can reduce flexibility and strength, as well as muscle pain and joint stiffness.

Chiropractic adjustments and soft tissue manipulation can help athletes manage pain during a sports injury recovery by improving muscle balance and removing nerve interference. Sports injuries often result in misaligned vertebrae that pinches nerves and causes pain. Soft tissue inflammation can intensify pain and prevent proper nerve signaling. Athletes looking for a drug and surgery-free way to manage sports injury pain should consider chiropractic care.

Recovery Time

When the body is healing itself from a sports injury, athletes may experience spasms and inflammation which can increase the time it take for the injury to heal. Chiropractic care doesn’t just reduce the pain associated with injury recovery, but enables the body to recover faster. Adjustments and soft tissue manipulation can help break up scar tissue to increase flexibility, elasticity, and strength throughout recovery.

Chiropractors restore joint movement by preventing the shortening of muscles and ligaments that inevitably comes after immobility from an injury.

Chiropractic care can alleviate and prevent sports injury by restoring optimal joint mobility, aligning the spine, and removing nerve interference. Proper spinal health can reduce inflammation, improve blood circulation, reduce pain and tension in muscles, all of which improve the body’s ability to heal itself. Don’t wait to visit a chiropractor until it’s too late. Chiropractors offer a low-risk and budget-friendly option to enhance flexibility, endurance, and performance athletes of all ages.

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